CFFormulas Skin Care

CFFormulas skin care is a truly nourishing line of skin
care that delivers results with mostly organic ingredients
and without any toxic tag-alongs.

Carolyn spent many years researching skin care to develop a
skin care line that made a difference with healthy,
nourishing ingredients. After lengthy research, she
developed not only an effective line, but because she
doesn't spend money on expensive advertising, it is
affordable as well!

These products contain the latest antioxidants, vitamins and
purest ingredients without all the fillers and additives.
Her products will leave your skin smooth, even, toned and

Not only does Carolyn recommend products that will make a
difference in your skin, but she recommends a specific
product routine that will provide you the maximum results
in the shortest amount of time.

CFFormulas Skincare Products

Here some of my favorite products:

Crystal C Serum

The Crystal C Serum evens out your skin tone and helps to lighten age spots and blemishes. Used with the Total Therapy Serum, it will give you a beautiful glow to your skin! I'm not sure why this C Serum is different, but it seems to work better than other vitamin C serums that I have used in the past.

Total Therapy Serum

The Total Therapy Serum is filled with vitamins and antioxidants. It brightens and refreshes the skin. As Carolyn says, it is "food for the skin". I especially loved this with the Crystal C Serum.

Moisturizer Plus

If you have dry skin, try Moisturizer Plus! It is the most hydrating moisturizer I have ever used. And, it delivers all of the good ingredients and none of the "bad" ingredients to your skin.

Carolyn has many other wonderful products, including a cleansing scrub, botanical masque, balancing facial cleanser and more. You won't be disappointed if you try them! The bonus is that they are affordable and effective!

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