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Enzymes are critical to every process in our bodies. Without them we wouldn't even be able to think!

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Coconut has been used in cultures for many years as a food, as a medicine and for cosmetic purposes.

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Vitamin C Can Help Prevent Strokes

Every year more than 150,000 people die from strokes in the U.S. Scientists believe that strokes can be prevented with good lifestyle choices,such as eating a healthy diet, not smoking and exercising regularly.

High blood pressure and a poor diet can cause our arteries to become stiff and increase our odds of having a stroke.

Researchers now believe that a good diet with enough vitamin C, helps to keep our arteries more elastic and healthy, leading to fewer strokes.

A recent study at the Pontchaillou University Hospital in France found that subjects that ate a diet high in vitamin C suffered fewer strokes. Researchers followed the participants for 10 years and found that subjects that had strokes also had depleted levels of vitamin C in their blood. Subjects that didn't have strokes during this time had normal or high levels of vitamin C in their blood.

If you already eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables, you probably get enough vitamin C. Citrus fruits and most vegetables such as peppers and broccoli provide high levels of vitamin C.

Alkaline and Acidic - Why It's Important To your Health

What is all the fuss about our bodies being acidic and how does it relate to our health? The degree that our body is slightly alkaline can determine how healthy we are.

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Anti Aging Diet - The Foundation For Good Health

The greatest secret and the foundation for great health and a youthful look is an anti aging diet.

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Do This To Reduce Chances of Dementia

Here is another good reason to find time for regular exercise!

New research from the University of Maryland and published in the journal, Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, indicates that exercising just a few times a week suppresses the gene that causes dementia. The gene known as APOE-e4 has been associated with an increased incidence of dementia. Researchers believe that about 30% of the population has the gene. After comparing 2 groups of participants, researchers found that those with the "dementia gene" that exercised at least 3 times a week had a lessening of brain shrinkage compared with those that did not exercise.

According to Dr. J. Carson Smith, one of the study's authors, for those people with an increased risk for alzheimer's disease and dementia, regular exercise may delay the onset of dementia symptoms.