Enzymes are critical to every process in our bodies. Without them we wouldn't even be able to think!

They are protein (or protein-based molecules) that speed up or enable a chemical reaction in a living organism. They act as a catalyst for specific chemical reactions. Without them, life would not exist. They enable almost every function in our bodies, even our thinking.

There are three basic types: Metabolic, digestive, and food enzymes. The metabolic kind patrol our blood stream to perform all the processes of cellular metabolism needed for life. Some come in with raw food, while most are created in the pancreas.

According to Dr. Edward Howell in his book "Enzyme Nutrition", each one of us is given a limited supply at birth. The faster we use up our supply, the shorter our life. Eating cooked, processed foods and eating junk food depletes our limited supply more quickly. Cooked food heated to 118 degrees or more kill all these living catalysts in the food.

Because cooked and processed food are deficient, our bodies must supply the missing catalysts to digest the food. That in turn, takes away our body's ability to provide them for other processes in our body.

With such heavy withdrawals, it's easy to see why we can quickly become deficient. Good health depends on all of our metabolic catalysts doing an excellent job. We must be sure that nothing interferes with the body making enough of them. A shortage could mean serious trouble. Depletion and aging go hand in hand in both the laboratory animals and humans. Life ends when metabolic catalyst activity drops to such a low point that it is unable to carry on vital reactions.

If we eat raw fruits and vegetables, they contain enough necessary for the digestion of each raw food. Because they contain their own, our body doesn't have to make them for the digestive process. Instead our body can use its resources for other important metabolic functions in the body.

There are some types of these catalysts, though, that are much more powerful than others.

Several proteolytic types of these catalysts, bromelain, nattokinase and serrapeptase, if taken between meals, go into the bloodstream and clean up scar tissue, waste products and even cancer cells.

A number of integrative cancer doctors and health institutes that help people with degenerative illnesses are using systemic or metabolic enzymes to help patients heal from diseases and illnesses. Taking them on an empty stomach allows them to work on healing the body, including the potential to dissolve cancerous tumors over time. These catalysts accelerate positive chemical reactions in the body which help initiate and speed up the body's healing process.

Dr. William Kelley, a Texas dentist, cured his own pancreatic cancer many years ago by adding these pancreatic enzymes to his diet. The late Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez continued to carry on Dr. Kelley's work in his medical practice, successfully treating  cancer patients with pancreatic enzymes.

So be sure to eat enough raw fruits and vegetables. When eating cooked foods, be sure to supplement for extra protection. Your body will thank you!

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