Parent Essential Oils

What are parent essential oils (PEO's) and why should you consume them?

Recently, I had been reading a number of articles about the dangers of taking fish oil (yes - I know about the thousands of studies out there supporting fish oil!)  But I couldn't find any good arguments or studies supporting the dangers of consuming fish oil supplements.

Well, I think that I finally found the information that discredits the fish oil.  Brian Peskin ( has spent 20 years researching essential fatty acids,  fish oil,  and what he calls parent essential oils or PEO's.  He has gone through thousands of studies and believes that what we actually need are what he calls parent essential oils instead of fish oil.  In fact, he believes that consuming the fish oil is harmful.

PEOs are unadulterated essential fatty acids.  Peskin calls them parent essential oils because they are the essential oil in it's whole, raw form as it is in nature.  Many times what we purchase in a store is a manufactured derivative of the whole oil.  An example of an essential fatty acid derivative is fish oil.  Fish oil contains a subset of elements that are in the parent essential oils.

Peskin believes that there are only 2 true essential fatty acids which he refers to as PEO's.  These 2 essential fatty acids are made up of omega 6 (linoleic acid or LA) and omega 3 (alpha-linolenic acid or ALA) oils that come from fresh raw oils like borage oil, flax oil, and raw seed oils. 

Since our body cannot make these essentail fatty acids, we need to get them from our food.  What is supposed to be so good for us in fish oil (DHA and EPA), are actually derivatives of the PEOs.  Our body is able to make DHA and EPA from the PEOs.  By taking just the derivatives, (DHA and EPA) in fish oil, we end up  getting too many derivatives and not enough of the whole, fresh essential fatty acid.

What Peskin says is that our bodies need a lot of the PEOs and a little of the derivatives that are in fish oil.  Since the parent essential oil covers everything, it is better to take the parent essential oils.

Why Are Parent Essential Oils (PEOs) So Important?

The reason that the PEO's are so important is that all the cells in our body are made of cell membranes (or cell walls) that contain the type of fat found
in the PEO's.  Why is that important? 

Because our cell membranes let nutrition and oxygen into our cells.  These cell membranes also remove our cell waste.  If the cell membranes aren't well maintained, nutrition and oxygen cannot get into our cells and our cells will have difficulty removing cell wastes.  Our bodies can begin to break down.

Our cell membranes need PEOs in order to stay healthy!

Even more important, the PEOs can no longer be found in most of our food.  Today our food is so processed, it would be difficult to get these needed nutrients from an average diet.  Yes, we can get processed oils in our food, but they don't have the benefits that the raw PEO's have on our cells. 

Professor Peskin makes some amazing claims as to the benefits of the PEOs and then backs up the information with hundreds of studies.  He also shows why some studies supporting the fish oil are inaccurate.  In fact, in his book, Professor Peskin writes about how you can tell if a nutrition study is valid.

Here are some of Peskin's claims.

Parent Essential Oils:

  • allow more oxygen to get into your cells
  • allow your insulin to work much better in your body
  • heal cardiovascular problems
  • remove large amounts of plaque from our arteries
  • transform our skin and other organs
  • promote healthier hair
  • have a strong anti-cancer effect
  • increases energy
  • help eyesight
  •  remove food cravings
  • improve circulation
  • help in weight loss
  • decrease inflammation

How To Take PEOs

You can mix your own fresh, raw oils together or you can purchase a supplement with the correct ratio of omega 6 and omega 3 oils.  The correct ratio is 2.5:1 omega 6's to omega 3's. 

Remember that these oils need to be fresh, raw organic oils.  Flax oil can be used for the omega 3 essential fatty acid and a combination of evening of primrose oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil and pumpkin oils can be used for the omega 6 essential fatty acids.

Since Dr. Peskin has already done all the research on the PEO's and understands the correct ratios of omega 6 and omega 3 oils, I would recommend his supplement.  By taking his supplement, you know that you are getting a supplement that is based on his research.  You can purchase Peskin's "Yes" brand PEOs on

More Information On PEO's

To learn more about PEO's, you can read Peskin's book, "The PEO Solution".  The book is written for doctors, but if you enjoy the science behind the nutritional claims, it is a worthwhile read.  It is available on