Superfoods - The Answer to Extraordinary Health

Superfoods have many unique properties. They are very nutritious, potent, concentrated and nutrient rich. According to David Wolfe's book, "Superfoods," these nutrient rich foods

  • improve overall health
  • boost immune system
  • elevate seratonin
  • cleanse and cause the body to become more alkaline
  • exceed protein, vitamin, essential fatty acids and mineral requirements
  • over time corrects imbalances in our bodies.

Scientists aren't aware of all of the nutrients found in plants. While there are many that they know about, there are many more that remain undiscovered. Eating a whole food rather than an isolated supplement, provides not only the nutrients that we know about, but also includes those that have not yet been identified.

These foods are also loaded with enzymes and help to restore our enzyme deficiencies as well as rebuild our immune system.

Acid vs. Alkaline

Another interesting bit of information is that these special foods contribute to a more alkaline body. (High acidity is associated with many illnesses and poor health.) According to David Wolfe, the body will hold extra water to dilute the acids in a body with high acidity. The body also stores excess acids in fat tissue, which leads to weight gain.

Due to the depletion of nutrients in our food today, these nutritious foods offer a good, nutrient rich anti aging supplement to our diets. It is recommended that we consume them raw and organic for the maximum benefit.


The following are some of David Wolfe's top favorites:

I would add

Try adding some of these foods to your diet and see how you feel. Some people feel an immediate improvement, and others feel better over time.

Superfoods are alkaline foods. Learn the importance of an alkaline pH level

You can find many of these nutritional powerhouses at your local health food store, or, they are available at one of my favorite on-line stores, The Raw Food World. The Raw Food World stocks only the best of the best in these products!

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