Heal Your Face Book Review

Markus Rothkranz, the author of the skincare book, "Heal Your Face", says that the different parts of our face are "connected" to an organ
or body part. If that organ or body part is not functioning well, it shows up in our face as wrinkles, blemishes, dark spots and sagging.

He says that the way to help your face stay youthful is to maintain good internal health. Chinese health practitioners have understood this principle for 4000 years. An example of the connection between different parts of our body is how our feet have reflexology points
that are connected to different organs in our body.

Rothkranz says that it works much the same way with our
face. Each part is connected to a different organ. No matter how many creams and serums that we use, there is often still room for improvement. While we can improve our skin from the outside, Rosencranz says that the true fix is to address what ails us on the inside.

In "Heal Your Face", Rothkranz goes on to say that our skin is a thin covering for what goes on inside our bodies. Every spot, mole and blemish is because of something happening inside of our bodies in a corresponding area.

For example, he says that the marionette lines between our nose and our mouth may be due to problems with our colon. The "eleven lines" between our brows may be because of a congested liver. Rothkranz's point is that if we heal and strengthen the weak organ that is associated with these problems on our face, then our face will become more youthful again.

Rothkranz's theory has credibility because of the extensive research from Chinese medicine showing that parts of our body are connected to other parts (such as with reflexology points on our feet or acupuncture points which correspond to various organs in our body.)

The book makes for a fascinating read about the connection of our internal organs and our health with our external looks. It also provides information on how to look in the mirror and be able to pinpoint the areas where we need to strengthen and improve our health.

The author maps our the face to show how each part of the face corresponds to a specific organ in our body.

If you are interested in reading more, pick up a copy of the skincare book, "Healing Your Face." It will definitely give you something to
think about!

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