Great Strategy for Fine, Curly Hair

by Liz

This is probably more of a beauty tip than an anti aging tip for people with fine, curly hair. Use shampoo and creme rinse designed for curlies with fine hair, whether your hair is curly or not. Regular shampoo can strip out all the moisture from fine hair, leaving it fly-away and dry-looking. Regular creme rinse is too heavy for fine hair and weighs it down. I use Jessecurl Gentle Lather Shampoo and Aloeba Daily Conditioner which leave my hair light and springy. I don't have to wash my hair as often when I use a lighter shampoo and creme rinse. It also gives my hair a deep conditioning treatment once a month to keep it looking moist and healthy.

Editor's Note: Jessica developed the Jessecurl products to make her curly hair healthy and radiant. While her products do not have all natural ingredients, she eliminates the chemicals that are in most shampoos that contribute to dry, dull hair.

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