Idebenone is a derivative of Coenzyme Q-10. It was discovered in the 1970’s – 80’s by researchers who had been studying the potential of Coenzyme Q-10. CoQ-10 is a natural compound found in all of us. It plays an important role in cellular energy productions. It is also an antioxidant. As an antioxidant, it plays a role in neutralizing free radicals.Your first paragraph ...

This ingredient is similar to CoQ-10. It can replace CoQ-10 in the process of cellular energy production and is also an antioxidant. While there are many similarities, they also differ slightly. Co-Q-10 is better at neutralizing some types of free radicals and Idebenone is better at neutralizing other types of free radicals.

CoQ-10 has been shown in some studies to diminish wrinkles. Because of this research, skin care companies believe that the derivative will also improve skin wrinkling as well.

Unfortunately, there haven’t been studies that compare it and Co-Q-10 over a long period of time. However, has been around so long, though, it is believed to be safe.

It is sold over the counter in a number of skin creams. These creams tend to be expensive. Unless you have had good results with a skincare cream, or, can find it in a skincare cream at a reasonable price, it might be best to hold off until there are studies that prove its effectiveness.

Oral Supplements

In addition to its antioxidant effects, it enhances brain structure and function when taken orally. Immune system function and nervous system enhancement have been observed in people who take it as a supplement.

Additional Benefits To Oral Supplements

Mitochondria in our bodies produce over 90% of all cellular ATP energy. They are also where we find the most Co Q10.

Mitochondrial DNA allows mitochondria to reproduce themselves. Over the course of a lifetime our DNA becomes ever more damaged, and the mitochondria produced become ever more ineffective in their energy generation.

Studies comparing heart tissue from young people with that from elderly people have shown almost no significant mitochondrial dysfunction in young hearts.

However, there is often severe mitochondrial dysfunction in elderly hearts. The cells that are most susceptible to mitochondrial energy depletion with advancing age are the brain, skeletal muscle and heart muscle cells.

Idebenone provides an anti-aging effect in several ways. Unlike Co Q10, even under the low oxygen conditions that may occur periodically over a lifetime, it will serve as a powerful mitochondrial free radical quencher, lessening the ever-increasing DNA damage that occurs with age.

It will work even better than Co Q10 to keep energy production high. This is especially critical to brain and heart cells that may be rapidly damaged during low ATP production.

A variety of studies using brain cells (animal and human) have shown this powerful ingredient's ability to enhance brain structure and function. These tests have demonstrated that it can enhance serotonin production, even under less than optimal conditions, such as in patients with cerebrovascular dementia.

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