ORAC Values

orac values

ORAC values measure the antioxidant values of food and herbs. Researchers believe that the higher the score, the more effectively the free radicals will be neutralized. Free radicals are believed to be tied to the aging processs in our bodies.

Below are some examples:

Food Value Acai Berry freeze dried 102,700 Cocoa, dry powder, unsweet 55,653 Cumin Seed (spice) 50,372 Curry Powder (spice) 48,504 Ginger (spice) 39,000 Thyme (fresh spice) 27,426 Gogi Berried 25,000 Raspberries (black) 19,671 Raisins, golden seedless 10,450 Kidney beans, raw 8,606 Black beans, raw 8,494 Pistachio Nuts, raw 7,983 Plums 7,581 Lentils 7,282 Garlic Powder 6,665 Blueberries, raw 6,552 Garlic, raw 5,708 Basil 4,805 Almonds 4,454 Apples, Delicious 4,275 Apples, Granny Smith 3,895 Cherries 3,747 Strawberries 3,577 Peanutbutter 3,432 Figs 3,332 Broccoli Rabe, raw 3,083 Cabbage (red leaf) 2,496 Dates, medjool 2,387 Broccoli, cooked 2,380 Lettuce, (red leaf) 2,380 Cereal, oats quick 2,169 Asparagous, Raw 2,150 Sweet Potato, baked 2,115 Broccoli (boiled) 2,160 Orange, raw 2,103 Chives, raw 2,094 Bread, pumpernickel 1,963 Cashews, Raw 1,948 Avocados 1,933 Arugula 1,904 Grapes, red 1,837 Beets, raw 1,776 Radishes, raw 1,750 Pears, red anjou 1,746 Popcorn, air popped 1,743 Spinach, frozen 1,687 Onions, red, raw 1,521

The USDA recommends an antioxidant intake of about 3,000 to 5,000 units daily.

It's important to focus on eating a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs. Each plant has its own benefits, regardless of its antioxidant value. For example, in addition to antioxidant values, flavonoids in fruits and vegetables are considered as being essential bioactive compounds that provide many health benefits.

Plants and herbs have so many beneficial substances in them, that taking into account their antioxidant value, should be only one consideration.

Also, note that there is no industry standard for measuring antioxidant values. Depending on where the crops are grown, how they are harvested and other conditions, can determine a food's value.

All data from the USDA publication, "Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity of Selected Foods" (2010).

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