Skin Signals Skin Cream Product Review

Skin Signals skincare cream was developed by Dr. Lauren Pickart. It utilizes an advanced copper peptide technology of both first and second generation Skin Remodeling Copper-Peptides (SRCPs).

What are Skin Remodeling Copper Peptides? It is a process that eliminates proteins and dead skin cells from the skin by reducing damaged skin, scars and wrinkles while smoothing the skin.

Skin Signals Cream, one of the SCRP products, combines GHK-Copper plus copper peptides produced from hydrolyzed elastin and collagen peptides. Dr. Pickart says that this unique mix helps increase new collagen naturally and improves skin firmness and elasticity.

Dr. Pickart has spent over 40 years developing skin anti aging methods designed to repair and regenerate body tissues. He has a number of clinical studies to back up his work.

Skin Remodeling Copper Peptides

According to Dr. Pickart, skin remodeling is the process that removes proteins and older cells from the skin thus removing scars, lesions, and wrinkles while smoothing the skin. Increased skin remodeling is the key to producing a biologically younger skin. Skin remodeling is very active in young people but declines rapidly as humans pass age 20.

Dr. Pickart recommends using emu oil on top of his skin care creams (Skin Signals is only one of his skin care creams.) He also recommends using a glycolic acid cream to work with his skin care products.

Results - A Positive Skincare Review

I began using this cream 6 months ago. At the time I was using the AminoCare Cream once a day. I began using Dr. Pickart's cream once a day as well. While the AminoCare made a significant difference in my skin, there were still some fine lines and acne scars that were visible. After using this cream for several months, I can say that it has further erased my acne scars and fine lines (they are not completely gone, but the acne scars are barely visible now.) Also, my skin has more firmness and elasticity as Dr. Pickart states.

As I got to the end of the tube of cream, I started noticing fewer results. When I received my second tube, I noticed that the results improved again. I am guessing that the end of the first tube may have been lacking the key ingredients. I only say this to recommend that if you use this cream, shake the container well to mix the key ingredients.

Dr. Pickart has a number of copper peptide skin care creams, each one recommended for specific results. I chose the Skin Signals cream because it was recommended for use under the eye area which was where my lines and wrinkles had appeared. I have not tried his other creams, but they do use the same technology.

I also used a glycolic acid cream as well, as Dr. Pickart recommended. I sometimes used the emu oil, but not regularly.

Recommendation: I highly recommend this skin care cream and give it a positive skin care review. It is about $50 a container and lasted me about 5 months.

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